Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amazing Secret How to Hypnotize Anyone

How many times have you dreamed of hypnotizing your history teacher, your boss, or your wife? It is a kind of power that you feel can make you a king. You will be able to manipulate people the way you choose to. You can make people do what you want; your boss can work for you and you teacher can do your homework. This is normally the kind of perception that people carry about hypnotism.

To reemphasize, people misinterpret hypnotism by believing that once they are hypnotized, they will simply follow orders like a robot. However, this is not the case. To define, hypnotism is a state of mind where a person can be made to accept certain suggestions.

While learning to hypnotize is to keep in mind that humans are not supernatural beings. Therefore, refrain from asking a hypnotized person to do something that you would never do. You also need to let the person know what is going to happen to him or her after being hypnotized. Always keep one thing in mind, hypnotism is no game, it is an art that needs to be taken seriously.

So, is it really difficult to hypnotize a person? Not at all! Hypnotizing is actually a lot easier that most people think. All you need to do is carry out the following steps in sequence:

Ask your subject to first relax and sit comfortably in a chair. Do not make the subject lie down; he or she may fall asleep and you will not be able to move to the next step

Keep the lighting in the room to a minimum. In a soothing tone, tell the subject to take deep breaths and close his or her eyes. It is very important that you repeat the same sentence over and over again. This will help you in the hypnotizing process.

Ask your subject to loosen his or her muscles and concentrate. At the same time, keep your subject encouraged by saying positive statements. It is important that the subject concentrates and stays calm.

Once you feel that the subject is totally calm and relaxed, you can start questioning him or her. If you are trying to locate a problem that the subject may have, ask the same to the subject. In the state of hypnotism, most subjects divulge their problems.

Depending upon the subject, you may need to repeat the process a number of times. However, for most subjects, the maximum needed time is between 10-15 minutes.

Once you are through with the conversation and have provided suggestions to your subject, you need to bring him or her back to normal. You can do so by counting from one to five and making the tone of your voice less soothing as you near the count of five. Ask the subject to open his or her eyes at the count of five.

Discuss the entire experience with your subject as soon as he or she reaches a normal state.

Believe it or not, these are steps are actually very easy to execute. This technique to hypnotize a person is called the progressive relaxation technique. However, you need to keep certain things in mind when you hypnotize a person. These are as follows: Do not make the subject so anything that could cause harm to him or her.

There may be times, when you subject tells you that he or she did not feel hypnotized. This is perfectly normal, as hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Do not think that the procedure did not work out.

Fear is hypnotism's greatest enemy. A subject under fear is really difficult to hypnotize. Therefore, make sure that the subject is first relaxed and comfortable. Only when these conditions are satisfied, begin the process of hypnotism.

Now, people may ask you a very elementary question, "How do you know that a person has been hypnotized?" Here are some signs that can tell you for sure that your subject has been hypnotized:

• The eyelids will flutter
• The eyes will be red or damp when the subject opens them
• The muscles of the subject will gradually relax and you will see a flattening of the facial muscles
• The subject may make an effort to swallow
• The breathing can be erratic with varying depth
• The subject may twitch his or her arms or legs

Hypnotism is a slow process and takes a lot of patience. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do not hurry your subject into anything. Although the steps are easy to execute, you need to take special care that you follow them religiously and not miss out on any of the steps. Last, but not the least, practice hypnotism for a good cause.

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